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We Help Achieve Your Biggest Goals

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With the most appropriate experience

We Help Achieve Your Biggest Goals

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With the most appropriate experience

We Help Achieve Your Biggest Goals

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What We Do for Your Success

We are an independent research company specializing in market analysis and digital transformation strategies for businesses and administrations. Since our creation, we have been helping decision-makers better understand and take advantage of the roles, uses, solutions and contributions of digital technology, while supporting them at the strategic and operational level in order to accelerate their growth in their markets. Our mission: to help them master the business value of digital.


We work alongside small & medium businesses as well as national and international organizations, and also Political Parties.


Our skills offers a multitude of services through different programs to meet the needs of the clientele.


A responsible customer relationship through clear communication of information and advice to our customers

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Our Latest  Projects

Our latest projects inevitably lead us to mobile communication.
Mobile applications are therefore now essential in the digital strategy of brands 90% of the population now owns a mobile phone, most of which are smartphones. This communication tool is the most personal, the most responsive and the most localized today. Ideal Business now uses the holy grail of all marketers,
with a tool that allows for successful communications operations.


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Winning the Race for Digital Commerce

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recent case studies

Corporate Video Showcase

We connects the digital world with the things round about you. All you have to do is get the app and Zap ! It’s like opening a window to another dimension, where everyday things can transform to unlock a video, a game or even 3D characters to play with right there in front of you. When scanned, the tag revealed an animation, Mothercare Plc is a British company specializing in the sale of children’s, baby and maternity clothing. It is now specialized in mail order catalog sales and internet sales. It also uses our technology through its smartphone and tablet application.

Digital Mobile Solutions

Mobile is a real revolution in the digital world, with great potential for marketers. Consumers have become accustomed to visiting these sites at all times. These new communication tools are therefore shaping a new professional ecosystem. Indeed, they abolish time and space: everything is instantaneous and everything is permanent ! 


We focus on the needs of small to middle market businesses, not the Fortune 5000.

Business Plan

We work closely with you to understand your goals and then develop your entire business plan.

Marketing Plans

Successful businesses understand who represents good customers and mediocre customers.

Optimize Deals

Own success at every turn. Uncover and deliver on opportunities that build lasting value.

Business Studies

A systematic study to understand whether or not a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible.

Market Research

Develop a deeper understanding of market trends, threats, opportunities, competitors and customers.

Business Growth

Building a successful, sustainable business requires both planning and execution.

Stimulate Innovation

Find a better way to break through. Innovate boldly, and intelligently, to create and deliver new value.

What We Do


It sounds like a magic trick … but it probably is the future. That of our daily life, in the near future. An interface so intuitive, that it makes the world around us fully interactive. With gestures, natural. As easy as taking a picture, with your hands …

What We offer


Mobile phones are changing the relationship between customers and business. Companies can make sure to meet their customers everywhere, because digital is everywhere: at work, on the bus or in stores.

professional help


Digital communication, therefore first applied to the web. It is now opening up to new technological channels and trends such as virtual reality, chatbot and voicebot.

We Enjoy Working

What People Say

Michel Jacquemin

I am a car dealer, the application allowed us to present a new model from every angle, even guiding the customer, at the end of the presentation until making and booking an appointment at the dealership to try the model.

Michel JacqueminGarage – Renault Jacquemin -Paris France


A poster of an apartment or a Villa for sale or for rent, Want to know the details, prices and conditions? Nothing’s easier. Unsheathe your mobile. Film. And watch the price appear on the screen. Over the camera image. Here is an application of « augmented reality for real estate »: this new technology which makes it possible to superimpose « virtual » information on an image of reality.

Michel LefevreCentury 21 – GHT Immo / Maisons Alfort – France

Michèle Garnier

The app allowed my husband and I to present our bed and breakfast gite-hotel and its guest rooms. Also present our region as well as all its cultural and commercial activities. The application also allows interested customers to make a direct reservation

Michèle GarnierHotel Le Moulin Calme – Le Mans – France

Georges Tavard

This application allowed us to present the menu of our restaurant in several languages ​​on the phones of our customers. Without changing anything to our paper map just a small logo. Don’t ask me how they did it. I don’t know, but it works!

Georges TavardRestaurateur – Aux couverts d’Argent – Cannes – France

Elisabeth Villeriere

Thanks to this application, I was able to send all my guests a very original invitation for my wedding, and I can even add something that had never been seen before with video messages. Everyone told me about it, and only talked about it. The best part was that people could confirm their presence or not, not to mention the direct access they had to my list of wedding gifts.

Elisabeth VillerièreRueil Malmaison 92

carlos da Sousa

When I set up my little locksmith and plumber company with my brother, we didn’t have the means to make a website nor the time to take care of it. Thanks to digital business cards, for really cheap, I was able to replace all that

Carlos Da SouzaArtisan Entrepreneur – Lille 59

For you we use

This Technologies

Our goal is to support you with the right solutions and to provide a quality experience on your journey from business and communications success to the development of your business.

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