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Once the application is loaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet, launch the application which will automatically trigger a scan that will look for the Zapcode that you will point with the lens of your smartphone camera, because every second, an algorithm analyzes the images filmed by the smartphone camera in order to detect a Zapcode and display the content in Virtual or Augmented Reality that corresponds to it.

The app uses virtual, augmented and mixed realities to bring you into the new dimension.

Virtual reality or augmented reality cause the application to add elements that are not there, in view of the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

Zappar automatically unlocks: videos, sounds, photo catalogs, games, calendars, online stores, links to websites and social networks, or even 3D characters.

Just upload the app and camera to an image, product, or item with a zapcode on it to make them come to life.

Zappar adds a new visual dimension to the world you live in.

In the near future, you will find more and more Zapcodes because the zapcodes they can be put and read everywhere:
Product packaging, T-shirts, Caps, Puzzles,, Books, Greeting cards, Magazines, Commercial documentation, Restaurant menus, Pictures in museums, Tills, Emails, Business cards, Invitation cards, Advertisements, Flyers , TV shows etc … etc …

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