List of tools to use in digital marketing

Our favorite digital marketing tools and their uses

Social networks: different uses depending on the platform

Twitter is a multifunctional tool for me:
Watch on subjects
Study of Competition,
Identify influencers.
While it helps find information, it is also used to share articles.

Linkedin : has a more network dimension : There are the people you know in real life who you want to stay in touch with. Influencers who deal with topics that interest you.
And finally the working groups for discussion. In terms of contact / function search, the tool is powerful. The approach is really business.

Facebook : A page for the blog. This social network is not a favorite channel, but the platform is a real marketing war machine. It therefore deserves to be present and visible. The account must be linked with the others. When your posts on Twitter for example, it also posts on Facebook. It allows me to occupy the field and to save time.

Google + : A page linked to the blog. With each new article, it is published on G +. No specific actions, but it helps SEO.

Growthhacking Crowdfire : I think it’s our favorite tool right now. It allows you to receive a daily list of topics to read / share and accounts to follow according to your interests and your keywords.

Multi-media broadcasting Buffer / Hootsuite : Two beautiful multimedia broadcasting platforms, simultaneous or not. Also allows you to plan broadcasts and manage your editorial calendar

Swello : is THE solution that climbs. French competitor to the two above, it also has a very relevant watch dimension.

Netvibes : rather than going through all the newsletters that arrive in your mailboxes, insert the urls of the sites you want to follow in netvibes. So they are all listed on your home page and the day before, what’s new is relatively simple.

Pocket : great tool that allows you to save articles that you want to read later or keep close. To be classified by labels. Super simple.

Scoop it : linked to G +. Allows you to post to an informed audience who is watching. For us it’s visibility and watch.

Google alert : a simple keyword watch that arrives directly in my mailbox. Mention: to know if they are talking about me / or the company on the net.

Messaging Slack : collaborative messaging tool. Very useful when there are several working on a project. We can create different channels by topic: eg general, sales, communications, training .. We put information for others in the channel concerned. Allows you to communicate very easily with several people at the same time.

Trello : Project management

Google Analytics and Google Search Console: of course Website analysis and data

Mailchimp : Newsletter

Hubspot : Inbound Marketing

WordPress : For the blog


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