Call Tracking and Digital Marketing: what are the benefits ?

In an increasingly complex and difficult market context, companies must be more efficient and understand more clearly what works and what does not in the development of their business. It is increasingly crucial not only to employ all possible marketing tools and strategies to market yourself, but also to effectively track and measure results to optimize your advertising investments.

Monitoring the performance of digital marketing actions : a necessity
Companies that invest large budgets to develop their business must know what each communication or marketing action brings. This implies, for example, being able to precisely follow the path of visitors to the website or to measure which digital marketing channel is the most generator of leads or online sales. It is common these days for a company to invest in targeted advertising on Google or Facebook or to activate paid partnerships through price comparison sites, for example. Some companies also work with affiliate programs in order to have a network of partner sites that promote products or services through banners, email campaigns or sponsored articles.

With such a multi-channel strategy, it is important to set up effective monitoring or tracking via analysis solutions to know the real profitability of each action. It is through this tracking that marketing decision-makers can then make better business decisions, ensuring the profitability of every dollar spent.

Also follow the origin of calls using call tracking

Call tracking or call-tracking is a solution that allows you to create different phone numbers, manage calls (welcome messages, schedules, call forwarding, etc.), to know precisely the origin of calls and finally to create comprehensive statistical reports on activity.

With the data provided by such a solution, marketing or sales teams can draw valuable conclusions about how consumers contacted the company. In addition, the information helps to establish the profitability of these marketing actions and, consequently, their impact on the company and its results.

In addition, a call tracking solution offers many advantages, in particular for improving other marketing tools or for connecting to other sources of information. Call tracking can be linked to additional services such as web analytics services like the popular free Google Analytics solution and CRM software like the popular CRM tools Salesforce or Hubspot CRM. For example, statistics can reveal which keywords generate the most calls or which advertising medium generates the most sales over the phone.

All of this helps to better understand consumer behavior, to establish more clearly the ROI of the marketing campaigns and actions carried out and therefore to make much more effective decisions for the investments of the marketing and communication plan of any company.

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