Analytics Results

Analytics Results

All the communication plans, so well prepared in 2019, have been called into question with the health crisis and its corollaries the confinements. Today on the eve of 2021, it is essential to build a communication plan that anticipates the various scenarios that are looming and allow the company to bounce back.

In the digital age, no one today questions the need for a company to communicate. Communicate to publicize and sell its products and services, develop its image, increase its activity or even create and develop relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers or partners.

However, faced with time and budget constraints, the first reflex of the business manager is often to think about the means and communication tools to be implemented, before defining his communication strategy.

However, a well-thought-out strategy makes it possible to position its communication as closely as possible to the needs and expectations of its potential customers, to convey an image and a message that they understand and that affect them. But also to make the right choices in terms of communication tools and media in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.


To measure the marketing campaign of his mobile application, the designer is called upon to take certain precautions and use certain tools.

This approach is in line with the aim of improving communication with customers and developing new services in order to continue to be competitive in the market. To achieve this, the application designer and his team will need to monitor application performance, heed user reviews, and track a few key metrics.

ZapWorks is supported by a stats dashboard (called Analytics) that provides aggregated data in near real-time. That data can be segmented into all projects, group of projects or individual projects.

The below data points are viewable in the dashboard:

  • Time spent in an AR experience;
  • Device platform type (iOS, Android, WebAR) used to launch an AR experience;
  • The geographic region where an AR experience was launched (table or map);
  • Number of views per day or per month over a certain period of time;
  • Number of views at a certain time of the day;
  • Events in an AR experience (did a user play a game, take a photo, watch a video, enter a competition etc.)


  • Analytics can be customized on a campaign-by-campaign basis and are available both through the web interface and downloadable as a CSV file for import into Excel or other tools.


  • Views related to campaigns where there might be multiple targets or locations across different countries can also be grouped or viewed individually if required.

Analytics Day

Analytics Period

If you are in AR for the long term, you will want to learn what’s working and what’s not. Our automatic data dashboard and reporting product that will show you the performance metrics you need on all of your campaigns. Learn what works : Understand what performs well and what doesn’t by comparing different call to actions, assets and campaigns, driving improvements and innovation.  Custom events : Make every interaction measurable by implementing custom tags. Understand your customers : Surface powerful insights on your customers, from what time of day they’re interacting with your product to which category or features they prefer – all in real-time. Measure ROI : Attribute traffic, sign-ups and sales to your campaigns. Compare alongside your existing marketing channels to offer complete oversight and maximum ROI.